Eclipses – ahead and behind

I am taking the time to look back and forward on this special day:

August 21, 2017

What do you really want to change:

I want to change my relationship with value.

I want to omit the feeling that my storytelling makes no difference in the world and therefore why do it?

Again – change my ‘value’

I want to finish my novel – take the time to write and not judge whether it has the capability to reach people.

Omit – the ‘not going to be recognized’ mentality that has persisted in my filmmaker career.

Is it ego? Or is it a drive for my art to be ‘seen’?

I want to challenge myself to take the next leap to explore living in Europe.

I want to change my relationship with the world, work, lifestyle.

I want to feel valued both professionally and personally.

I feel limited in Canada from exploring who I am as a creative, experienced professional as well as an adult.

Based on Experience … but that doesn’t have to be so elsewhere… right?

How do you really want your life to be?

In a perfect world I would live in different places in the world as a writer of novels and have friends come stay and create in their own right. I would love to have a partner who is a creative and we could travel and live and create.

I have always believed I am meant to be with a professional music person, a producer? A writer of music? Not a musician per say… who performs.

Music has always been a driving force for me – not in its own right – but as a muse for my creativity. Perhaps I will find my creative partner to share adventures with?

If not, I would still be happy and fulfilled to have creative friends visit and create in my space.

I want to make enough money to live and work, travel and save for retirement- to not ‘survive’ or worry about what will happen to me.

I want to make a difference.

What can you improve?

I can improve my clearing of things – to get unstuck and open up space.

Physical space – apartment.

Long term:

I want to feel I have fulfilled my destiny.

Currently – I feel that I have not.

About creatornorthshoregirl

Patti (Lyons-Gooderham) Henderson is an innovative Director hosting a steady career in communications and entertainment. Patti's journey has included extensive research into her own genealogy; encouraging her curiosity and passion in finding story and motivation of character. She started in the world of journalism which took her to multiple countries in a variety of positions, eventually writing, assistant editing and field producing for MUCHMUSIC and MOVIETV. As a fiction Writer, her first feature script BENEATH THE SURFACE, won top prize from Praxis Screenwriters/I.A.T.S.E. script competition. With a thirst for learning the science of Film and TV making, she has worked for a multitude of productions in the capacity of Script Supervisor including RV, EIGHT BELOW, A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, FRINGE, LOST IN SPACE, XFILES to name a few and as an Editor for shorts, TV series and Features. Her growth in the industry continues with the addition of working in VFX, on and off set. Patti has been a maverick in filmmaking. With the support of Sony Canada, National Film Board of Canada and BC Film, she spearheaded and directed UP THE WALL that was the first new technology (digital video-35mm) project to be shot in Canada in 1997, that included title on picture, VFX and finished in three formats. She has Directed and Co-Produced branding videos, sizzle reels for factual/lifestyle programs, corporates and fundraising videos, as well as 11 projects for the VFS Portfolio Shorts Program. Her work has played at national and international festivals, and aired on various North American Networks. For CBC, she Directed and Edited SALMON ENCHANTED EVENING which, after being selected from over 350 scripts, was produced and nominated for seven LEO FILM AWARDS winning best editor and best sound design. Patti is an Alumnae of WOMEN IN THE DIRECTOR’S CHAIR (WIDC), which chooses 8 women from across Canada to participate in the program at The Banff Centre each year. Her focus has, and always will be, storytelling. Her unique upbringing, combined with years of experience in the entertainment industry has helped to shape her into a vibrant Director with the ability, through passion, knowledge and experience, to elevate a wide range of scripts. Her latest work is writing a YA Novella series, with an eye on developing it into a TV series. She lives and works in the UK and Canada.
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