Who’s Afraid…?

I am an artistFilmmaker

Award winning 




I speak my mind and fight my fights

I have opinions and I say them

Nothing has changed since I was born

Sometimes I just have to shout out that I am not a sheep

I don’t care what others do

I do what I want and that is all.

I don’t play any other way or I would not be me!

I studied pre law and of course that was not the game for me..,

No justice there


I went back to what I always had been

A storyteller

Winning writing competitions since the age of 12…

I just changed my storytelling vehicle when I went into film… But I am over it and back to writing

Always makes me a bit ‘Virginia Woolf’ when I get back to writing as my creative outlet 🙂


About creatornorthshoregirl

Storyteller Sometimes Invisible
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One Response to Who’s Afraid…?

  1. 🙂

    I will miss your presence on The Magicians this year.

    But, there is always here, where there is even more of YOU.

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