Creative Warrior

The Code of A Creative Warrior.
A creative becomes a warrior of their own heart.
First and foremost, we take on perhaps the most daunting challenge on the block — the willingness to know our own self, intimately and honestly. In a heroic fashion, and not without our fair share of artistic shame, we gain the confidence to own who we are and share our gifts with the world.

This process involves the oh-so-painful and way less glamorous practice of opening up to expose our darkness and repeatedly choosing to employ wholeness over acceptance.

Using awareness to assess the validity of our thoughts, others’ opinions, and regularly checking in on the compass we use as a barometer for how to direct our time, energy and work.
Sharpening our intention, our focus, no longer as easily swayed and derailed by the allure of the crowd, the masses, and the seductive nature of the known.

A creative warrior knows that a perceived weakness is always their greatest strength.

Counterintuitive to everything we’ve been taught, to every marketing tactic and popular leadership strategy touting the importance of appearing tough and in control, is the idea that vulnerability and openness are the quickest way to disarm someone, to reach them and truly communicate.

A creative warrior faces their own demons looking inside to inquire and reflect.



About creatornorthshoregirl

Adopted at birth, orphaned by her adoptive parents by age 15 - Patti has made her way in the world since that time until recently... reunited with birth relatives - she is thrilled to be a Mayflower descendent, 5 x great grand daughter of Ezekiel Gooderham (of Gooderham & Worts Distillery, Toronto), 21 degrees of separation from Queen Victoria, a descendent of United Empire Loyalists - Butler's Rangers - which help establish Upper Canada and a London Born Mother who made it through the bombings of WW2. What this means to Patti? Her tenacity and adaptability are not only proudly her own but also passed down through her genetics. Human Journey Storyteller
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