Transition – Magic Synthetism


Of all the values conceived by the mind of man throughout the ages, the artistic have proven the most enduring. Primitive people and the most thoroughly civilized have always had, in common, a thirst for beauty and an appreciation of the attempts of the other to recreate the wonders suggested by nature and human experience. The tangible link between the centuries is that of art. It joins distant continents into a mysterious unit, long before the inhabitants are aware of the universality of their impulses….

An experimental literary journal that featured surrealist, expressionist, & Dada art & artists. Founded in 1927 by Paris-based poet Eugene Jolas, it was originally intended to serve as an outlet for experimental poetry, yet gradually expanded to incorporate contributions from sculptors, photographers, writers, civil rights activists, critics, & cartoonists. The magazine ran through the spring of 1938, with a total of 27 issues published.


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