Music Video Musings

The Big Big Blue Music Video Musings…..

It will be a conceptual, performance art piece that will work with the theme of Natural Forces.

Issues revolving around questions of identity, and attempts to resolve the
rift between personal experience and the chaos of a larger public world,
provides the internal struggle while the external struggle; the performance of an adult learning to swim, will encapsulate the frailty and vulnerability of the human experience.

Kodachrome colours with a solitary figure silhouetted against the water,
in the water, under the water, so that it is impossible to tell whether the
figure is facing towards or away from the viewer at times, the
conventions of the picture are obvious and the emotional content almost
one-dimensional, but, surprisingly, the work still has the power to move –
perhaps because of the very transparency of its language and the
modesty of its aspirations.

The Band and I are fans of Bastiaan Johan Christiaan “Bas Jan” Ader who
was a Dutch conceptual artist, performance artist, photographer and
filmmaker. Ader produced a modest oeuvre that has recently achieved
poignancy through the purposefulness with which the works were
conceived and executed and the simplicity of their presentation gives
them their strength and coherence. Ader when asked to explain the
significance behind the frequent inclusion of ‘falls’ in his work, he simply
replied ‘because gravity overpowers me’.


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