The Selfish Giant

Amazing Mood, Youth Actors amazing. A great realistic portrait. My kind of film.

Wylie Writes

By: Addison WylieSelfishGiantPoster

The Selfish Giant gives off an aroma of a film that will be remembered for a very long time.  The staying power of its troubled characters as well as the painfully realistic portrayal of a down-and-out community in Northern England are quite remarkable.

This directorial feature debut from British director Clio Barnard trails the life of two young troublemakers trying to make sense of their early teens.  Both boys always yearn to help either their struggling family or friends.  The loudest of the duo Arbor (played by Conner Chapman) hates to see his pal Swifty picked on.  In fact, it’s Arbor’s adamant roughness that gets himself and Swifty (played by Shaun Thomas) suspended from school.

Swifty, who is only asked to leave for 10 days, is Arbor’s rock.  Rather than enabling Arbor’s rowdiness, he’s usually helping the foul-mouthed rebel soothe down after adults treat the twosome with…

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Adopted at birth, orphaned by her adoptive parents by age 15 - Patti has made her way in the world since that time until recently... reunited with birth relatives - she is thrilled to be a Mayflower descendent, 5 x great grand daughter of Ezekiel Gooderham (of Gooderham & Worts Distillery, Toronto), 21 degrees of separation from Queen Victoria, a descendent of United Empire Loyalists - Butler's Rangers - which help establish Upper Canada and a London Born Mother who made it through the bombings of WW2. What this means to Patti? Her tenacity and adaptability are not only proudly her own but also passed down through her genetics. Human Journey Storyteller
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